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We make cakes to order! Choose from our selection below.
Pick your cake up from the bistro  at the date and time of your choosing (48hs advance order required).


Strawberry Cake

Vanilla dough with a strawberry mousse filling. Topped with French meringue, chantilly mousse and strawberry bits.


Chocolate, walnut and Dulce de Leche

Chocolate dough with a dulce de leche fand walnut filling. Topped with dulce de leche and walnut bits.

ddl coco

Dulce de Leche and Coconut

Vanilla dough with dulce de leche and coconut filling. Topped with dulce de leche and coconut flakes.


Chocolate and Baileys

Chocolate dough with a Belgian chocolate and Baileys filling. Topped with Belgian chocolate Baileys.


Lemon and Chocolate

Lemon dough with a lemon mousse filling. Topped with lemon mousse and Belgian chocolate.



Vanilla dough with chantilly, dulce de leche and peach filling. Topped with meringue and peach bits.



Blueberry dough with a chantilly, French meringue and blueberry filling. Topped with meringue and blueberries.

black forest

Black Forest

Dark chocolate dough with cherry chantilly and kirsch filling and chocolate flakes. Topped with chantilly, Belgian chocolate and cherries.


Rogel premium cake

Traditional luxury layered Rogel cake with dulce de leche and crispy layers, Topped with meringue and biscocho.


Dulce de Leche & Walnut

Walnut dough with a dulce de leche and walnut filling. Topped with dulce de leche and walnuts.



Argentinean chocolate cookie layers drowned in chocolate milk, (or optionally coffee and bourbon). Filled and topped with creamy dulce de leche.


Balcarce Cake

Triple layer of vanilla and chestnut dough with creamy chestnut mousse and dulce de leche filling. Topped with dulce de leche, toasted walnuts and a thin layer of brûlée powdered sugar.


Pavlova Cake

Layers of French meringue topped with chantilly cream, strawberries and blueberries.

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Custom Requests

Contact us for to build your custom cake .

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