Boost your operations with Besties wholesale

Besties will help you gain instant access to top quality  empanadas with proven sales. Reduce prep time, reduce cost, expand your menu and delight your customers.  Learn how below.

Top quality with no prep time

Our empanadas are made with chef-selected ingredients that guarantee the best tasting empanadas in the market.

We deliver our empanadas frozen and pre-baked or frozen and unbaked. Baking or heating up only takes minutes. You will be able to cut down on prep time and focus on serving your customers.

Large list of flavors

Besties has an ever increasing list of empanadas flavors – with meat or vegetarian, vegan or sweet. Whatever your market is, we will find something that combines with your existing menu, and will please your customers.
Our chef can also create personalized flavors to suit your needs.

Our products fit your business

We work with many food businesses: local bars and restaurants, institutional and hotel kitchens as well as large venues.

Ordering made easy

No complicated purchase procedures – you will talk directly with us and agree on flavors and quantity. Production time is never more than a few days.

Our empanadas will be delivered ready to be stored until it’s time to bake them.

Proven sales to customers who love it

Both our direct Besties customers AND our partner’s own customers love the quality and variety of our empanadas. There just aren’t any empanadas like ours on the market. Our products have been featured in local, national and international press!

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